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Welcome to the home of the most distinctive and stylish gentlemen grooming products, Welcome to Lahoy.

Founded by a British royal naval submariner, Lahoy brandish’s the values of British sophistication; our luxury hand-crafted grooming-products are designed with the contemporary gentleman in mind.

Lahoy isn’t just an emporium of male grooming products- it’s a brand for true connoisseurs of style.

We provide a collection of grooming agents to re-vitalise your facial mane and a wealth of knowledge that will direct you in the finest grooming methods to maintain a wonderful aesthetic.

Our collection of hand-crafted products have been expertly sourced to represent the ideals of the Lahoy Brand; encapsulating the delicate balance of traditional virtues and innovative design.

Every product has been independently chosen to ensure our high-standards; from cut-throat razors, razor strops, shaving brushes and facial-hair combs to our scented oil range.

We use only the highest quality materials in our products. From the silvertip badger hair used in our shaving brushes that ensures a silky lather to the premium-quality leather in our razor strops that exude a robust panache.

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About Us

Lahoy is the best kept secret in high quality male grooming. Founded in 2014 by a real life British royal naval submariner, Lahoy is one of the world's most influential, innovative, directional and luxurious brands for the modern gentleman. Think of Lahoy's range as the Rolex of the male grooming world.

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Beard Grooming Tips

Understanding how to look after your facial hair and which grooming products to use can ensure you make the most of your physical appearance. Ultimately you want your beard to optimise your look and style, rather than detract from it. Here are a few beard products and grooming tips to help you along the way:
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Shaving Guide

To get the most out of your straight razor, also known as a cut throat razor, regularly use a strop, such as a length of leather, to keep the edge sharp. Around every four to six months, however, the edge will inevitably start to dull and it's recommended to then have it rehoned.

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